Monday, July 20, 2009

Unexpected visitors

Yesterday evening, Hubbie and I decided that we needed to get out of the house for a while, so we headed down to the park. When we got there, we found a nice spot in some grass about ten feet from the path and laid out a blanket. He sat down to study some Philosophy (because that's what he does) and I, of course, sat down to knit. The park is next to a river and the sun was just starting to set. (Sorry, I don't have any pictures. I'm a blogging doofus and forgot to bring my camera.) As we sat there, I noticed a guy walking a very cute Maltese dog. She was tiny, happy, and adorable. I nudged Hubbie because she was too cute for him to miss. So we both sat there looking at this little dog and smiling, when all of a sudden she looked over at us. And I realize that she was heading our way. As I said, we were 10-15 feet off of the path, so she had to cross some ground to get to us. But she did it anyway. She came over to us, said the doggie version of "Hi, how ya doing?" and promptly sat on the blanket next to me. She sat there for several minutes, just panting and looking around and letting me pet her like she'd known me forever. Her very patient owner said her name was Holly and then just waited for her to decide it was time to get on with the walk. After a while she got up and she and her person said goodbye. I have to tell you, the sunset was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, and it was great having couple time with Hubbie, but that little dog made my day.

Running a close second... I released my second pattern. It's the Midnight Forest Cowl. I knit it with GiGi in mind. She doesn't like to wear hats or scarves, so the cowl fills her head warming needs quite nicely. It's knit in Dream in Color Starry, in the Cocoa Kisses colorway. Starry is sparkly because it has threads of silver running through it. The yarn felt a little stiff as I knit with it, but after I washed it, it softened up and now has a fabulous drape.
$3 US


Anonymous said...

I purchased your pattern for Midnight Forest Cowl and have a question. The legend states that b means knit stitch to back loop. Does that mean knit through the back loop?

Anonymous said...

THis is just beautiful! My under 50 but not by much daughter has had many vertibra replaced in her neck due to degerative spine and I've been making them for her in lots of designs and colors.
I also wanted to comment on the Maltese that visited with you. My little boy Maltese passed and is waiting at Rainbow bridge for us, but his theory in his short life was, I'm here to listen and comfort show me a human that needs me and I'm happy. So glad I found your blog.