Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deja Vu Shawlette

I originally knit the Deja Vu Shawlette with Malabrigo worsted, in the colorway Deja Vu.  (Hmmm, I wonder where the name came from.)

Then I realized that I still had yarn left from Butterfly Bush- Knit Picks Gloss DK.  While the first Deja Vu was knit with a worsted, Gloss DK is nearly heavy enough for this knitter to consider it a near worsted.

I had a full skein of the Gloss DK and a bunch of scraps that, when taken all together, gave me about 185 yards.  So I decided to knit up a solid version of Deja Vu and it turned out lovely.  Most of the scraps were about 5 yards apiece (they came from the ends of the skeins I had used for Butterfly Bush.) By the time I got to the bind off row I was running on yarn fumes.  I had to rip out and reknit the bind off three times to have enough yarn left over to weave in the end.  It was... um... challenging.  I had a blast!

It was even more exciting when Knit Picks contacted me and told me that they wanted to include Deja Vu in the November Catalog!  I'm not ashamed to say that I squeed!  (Hubbie's ear drums may never be the same.)

Imagine my excitement when I received the pictures from Knit Picks. There was one of their models wearing my shawl (although it had been reknit for that particular purpose, so really it was someone else's version of my shawl, but whatever, totally my pattern!)... backwards. Yes, you heard me right.  The photographer (or knitwear stylist) had placed the shawl on the model purl side out.  I may have laughed like a loon or cried. I'm not sure.  I kinda blacked out a little there.

I later realized that there's precedent for this.  The same thing happened with Miriam Felton's Icarus Shawl when the pattern was published in Interweave Knits.  So, I don't feel so bad.

There are worse people I could be grouped with,

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Anni said...

Pretty shawlette. I've had two designs photographed inside out for British magazines. One was a garment and one of the photos was a close up showing my perfect shoulder seam on the wrong side! One was a shawl photographed with the purl side out. With the garment there were several photos with the right side out so it wasn't a problem but with the shawl it was only one photo. So i understand your pain. Didn't realise Icarus was photographed inside out.