Monday, February 27, 2012

Jenolan Shawl

GiGi recently pointed out to me that I had not yet blogged about the pattern that I released in December, the Jenolan Shawl.

I have to admit that it surprised me that I hadn't even mentioned it, but, as I explained to Gigi, there's been a lot of stuff going on around here.  What with visiting my sister-in-law, rollerblading, making lotion, and working on my dissertation, poor Jenolan fell to the way side.

She's a lovely winged shawl and (brace yourself!) it's not a triangle.  Except for the points made by the edging, Jenolan has a flat bottom in back. 

The winged shape keeps it draped nicely around the neck so that it doesn't slip off of the shoulders. 

The main body of the shawl is in stockinette leading down to a lacy bottom.  The pattern has two versions of the bottom lace edging.  Version A is simple enough for beginning knitters to challenge themselves.

And version B, with double yarnovers throughout, is complex enough to keep an experienced knitter interested. 

Jenolan is named after the Jenolan Caves in the Blue mountains of Australia.  The lace is meant to resemble the limestone formations that help make these caves so beautiful.  Hopefully, it does them justice.

Not that I'm much of a spelunker,

P.S. Version A is knit in Knit Picks Swish DK in Indigo Heather.  Version B is knit in Knit Picks Capra in Regal.


Helen Griffin said...

Love the models! (wink, wink!)

AND the shawl!

Holly said...

Looks beautiful!

Sally said...

Would you explain, how the repeats go after each other? It is not clear for me.

Sally said...

After purchaising this pattern I would like to knit, but I need some help with the repeats of the charts. Would you make it clearer?

Joyce F. said...

Sally, If you email me at the address included on the pattern, I can walk you through it. Happy Knitting, Joyce