Monday, February 20, 2012

Sitting on dogs

Okay, so there is no actual sitting on dogs involved with dog sitting; however, the dog Hubbie and I are watching this weekend is the size of a pony, so I think a jockey could comfortably sit on her.

You may remember Bella from the last visit to my sister in law's house.Going to my SIL's house is great for many reasons. When they're here, we get to relax and spend time with family. When they're not here, we get to go wild… and sleep all day and watch tv. Oh, and we occasionally rollerblade in her huge-mongous basement.

In addition to all of the sitting around (and rolling around) this weekend,  I learned a new craft.  I may not have mentioned this in the past, but before I discovered knitting I was a flighty hobbyist. I would stick with a hobby for a few months, and then move on to something else. They were all perfectly good hobbies, but none of them were "the one".  Then I met knitting. And we've been in a happy committed and mostly monogamous relationship for several years now. I'll admit it, I am sometimes led astray by the allure of beading. After all, a girl needs sparkly stitch markers. 

The new  craft I learned this weekend was how to make lotion and lip balm. (Don't worry, Knitting, you know I'll always come back.)  It's surprisingly easy, quick and fun.

As is evidenced by the 28 tubs of lip balm, and three tubs of body lotion that I made (some are already in use, so they didn't make it into the picture.). The hardest part was waiting for them to solidify so I could use them.

Oh, and the sore lips from trying on six varieties of lip balm in an hour,


GiGi said...

You forgot to mention how they are all lavender scented and thus I don't get any. :/

Helen Griffin said...

Do you remember, I told you more than 3 years ago, you'd be able to stick with knitting? Its endlessly entertaining. You can learn the basics in a few weeks, and then, spend 50 years knitting and not have done everything there is to do!