Friday, February 10, 2012

Wear a Shawl day

Tomorrow is the first ever official Wear A Shawl day.  There's a Ravelry group that's trying to make the 11th of every month a day when shawl wearers can throw off the concern of the " only old ladies wear shawls" stereotype and wear their shawls proudly, be they 8 years old or 80.

I was born for this day!  In honor of such an auspicious occasion, I present to you examples of different ways you can wear a shawl.

The Across The Shoulder (Traditional) Way: This way lets all of the people behind you see how pretty your shawl is, plus it keep your back and shoulders nice and toasty.

The Keep One Shoulder Warm While You Stare At The River Way: Similar to wearing a silk scarf, this way let's you enjoy your shawl, but keeps you from getting too warm.  (I recommend a lovely shawl pin to hold the two sides together and keep it from becoming the If This Thing Falls Off One More Time... Way of wearing a shawl.)

The As A Scarf With The Point In Front Way: This is my favorite way to wear my shawls.  It keeps my chest nice and toasty and can be worn under a coat.  (Plus it doubles nicely as a bib in a pinch.  Not that I would ever do that.  ::whistles innocently::)

The As A Scarf Way: This way works best with rectangular wraps, but will also work with long thin triangles. 

And if you love your shawls, but don't want to wear them on your body (sometimes it's just to hot.  Crazy, I know!) you can have your furniture wear them.  I haven't met a chair yet that would object to being draped in lovely yarny goodness.

You can also drape your pets in shawls, but keep in mind not all pets will wear shawls. They may not be as open minded as Winnie.

winnie scarf

So wear your shawls tomorrow (and every day) and know that there are lots of other people out there wearing shawls too.  And none of us are "old ladies" no matter how old we may be.

Happy Wear A Shawl Day,


GiGi said...

You left out the I Forgot My Hat Again (No I'm Not a Babushka) Way, and the Hide the Fact I Ate Too Many Cookies at Christmas Around the Hips way.

Anonymous said...

I wear a shawl just about
every day....not just because
I AM a Grannie, but they fit
so warmly and comfortably in my lift! Thanks for all the ideas!
Gr. Linda

Anonymous said...

Always proofread.
.....comfortably in my lifE!....