Monday, February 13, 2012

Liana Shawlette

This past Friday Knit Picks highlighted one of my designs as their Friday Freebie.  The Liana Shawlette is named after woody vines found in the tropics.  The lace in the edging mimics these vines as the grow throughout the forest.

It combines a self striping yarn for the body (Knit Picks Chroma in Prism) with a solid (and in this case sparkly) yarn for the edging (Knit Picks Glimmer in Potion). 

It would look great with any variegated main color for the stockinette body and a solid contrast color for the lacy edge. 

It is a winged shawlette which means that it will stay on the shoulders and wraps nicely around the neck for warmth.  The pattern can be downloaded for free online here.

And those of us that don't live in the tropics need all of the warmth we can get,


Amy Reed said...

Hi, I have recently started this shawl, it's my first... and my first time ever looking at a chart. I have a question on the chart (because I'm clueless on how this works) I can't tell how man repeats there are in the sections. I'm sure I'm not reading something right. Can you tell me how to know?

Many Thanks!!

Joyce F. said...

The boxed area should be repeated 19 times per side the first time you work chart A and 22 times the second time you work chart A. The boxed area on chart B should be 25 times per side. Happy Knitting!

susiew13 said...

Hi. I have just attempted to begin the contrast colour on this shawl, but have been confused by the no stitch boxes at the start and end of the rows in the charts. This is my first attempt at a charted project (actually it's my first go at any patterned piece) so I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you


Joyce F. said...

Hi Susan,
The no stitch box means that there isn't a stitch there for you to knit. Just ignore those boxes and start with the box after the no-stitch boxes.
Happy Knitting,