Friday, May 6, 2011

Fuzzy Bottom

As I mentioned in my ode to bunny hair, due to my love of angora, I was inspired to design a small, very simple shawlette with some angora that captured my heart.  Here it is:

This is Fuzzy Bottom.  So named because, well, it has a fuzzy bottom.  Which can be more easily seen in the next picture.

This shawlette is great if you have only a small amount of a luxurious yarn.  You know which one I mean.  You bought it because it was too luscious to resist, but ignored the fact that it was only 45 yards.  The body of the shawlette is constructed with an angora/merino blend (Classic Elite Lush in Lipstick), but the edge is worked in Malabrigo 100% Angora in Ravelry Red.  The skein contained only about 40 yards of the spectacular stuff, but it made a great edging to a scarf sized shawlette.

Oh, and did I mention that the pattern is free?  download now

Trying not to feel silly about wearing sunglasses in the bathroom,

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