Monday, May 23, 2011

Knitting Tempest

I finally finished knitting Ann Weaver's Tempest

TK and I started this as a KAL two years ago.  We had separately gotten some Colinette Jitterbug (in different colors.  I used some Velvet Olive that had been gifted to me by Athie.) and Misti Alpaca Sock (in the same color - Birds in Paradise).  We were in Knitty City one day and realized that we were both thinking of knitting Tempest so we decided to do a knit along for Tempest. 

TK managed to finish hers in a fairly timely fashion (about 11 months).   I, on the other hand, got to the sleeve caps (Note: I'd finished the back and both front pieces) and put it down to knit something else (I don't even remember what now, but it was probably a shawl).  Sadly for poor Tempest, I failed to pick it back up. 

Until this year's spring break.  Hubbie and I were supposed to go visit his sister, but I got the flu instead.  I recovered quickly, but while I was sick I got a sudden strong urge to finish Tempest.  The first day I thought I would just finish the sleeve caps and put it away again.  But then on day two I just had to weave in the ends and sew it together. (This took two days! Note to self: Weave in ends as you go next time.)  After that I thought I'd put it down again, but after a good night's sleep I felt compelled to knit the button band.  The button band calls for a sewn bind off.  The sewn bind off, while not difficult, is quite time consuming (and also reminded me of why I don't do needlepoint anymore. Too much sewing for me!) It is, however, perfect for the button band.  And when the button band was finished I decided I might as well do the hem since it was all that was left. 

And suddenly, after a week of illness and finishing, I had a sweater... that doesn't fit me.  Sigh. 

Time to go back to the gym,


Holly said...

Oh no! It's a beautiful sweater at least.

GiGi said...

Beautiful! Can I borrow it until you get back from the gym?