Saturday, June 21, 2014

World Wide Knit in Public Day (Week?!?!)

WWKIP day (which I've recently discovered has since expanded into a week) was this past Saturday.   The knitting ladies and I usually spend it in Bryant Park at Knitty City's annual celebration.

Gertrude Stein is nice and toasty on a warm June day.

There are usually over 30 knitters that turn out and sometimes there's even live entertainment and snacks.  Last year there was a great turnout.

We even had our own designated table and a hand made sign.  Pearl from Knitty City makes all fiber crafters feel like old friends.  That's why I think Knitty City is the best yarn store in the world.

Our table sign.

We are the Astoria Knitting ladies. (And we really like our sunglasses.)

This year, however, we had to miss the Knitty City gathering to attend a different more awesome event: Brandy's bridal shower!  She's getting married in September and her family and friends got together to celebrate.  We're super happy for her and her groom.

Brandy in her ribbon bonnet.

And there was, of course, still knitting in public that day.  You can't keep a good (obsessed, whatever!) knitter down.  There were three shawls, a sweater, and a blanket all being worked on while Brandy opened presents.  We heard a lot of' "I should have brought my knitting (crochet, etc.)" as people passed our table, but my favorite was "Oh! You really ARE the knitting group!"  

Yes, yes we are,

P.S. Brandy isn't the only lady in our group that's getting married this year.  (I'd worry that it's contagious except I've been married quite a while now.  Which means I'm a carrier!) The other one, however, is getting married on Rhinebeck weekend.  Luckily Rhinebeck is two days, so we don't have to make any awkward decisions. (Who am I kidding? We wouldn't dream of missing her wedding!  But maybe I should distribute a calendar of important knitting dates next year.)