Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Crazy life and the Qboro Cowl

Things are still crazy here, but that's nothing new, right?  I would like to say that hopefully they will settle down soon, but I am always hopeful that things will settle down and they rarely do.

I often hear myself say "After the end of the semester," "During this upcoming break in classes," and so on.  However, I'm beginning to realize (boo, maturity!) that when that break gets here or the semester ends, there will still be craziness, whether it's from work or it's just me.  So I've decided to embrace the crazy.  And why not?  It certainly makes life more interesting.  (This also works if you have a crazy family, but really, don't we all?)

Sometimes, when the crazy gets to be a little too much, I like to take comfort in an oasis of soft, colorful yarn and a simple pattern.  It's for that reason that I designed the Qboro Cowl (that's pronounced Q(like in quack)-boro).

It calls for 220 yds of worsted weight yarn.  Pictured here in KnitPicks Swish worsted in Wonderland Heather, it would be great for any single skein of worsted that happens to be hanging out in your stash.  Plus a cowl would be a fast project to knit for both the guys and girls in your life that you want to keep nice and toasty (cough cough Christmas knitting cough cough).  Oh, and did I mention the best part?  The pattern is free!!!

Speaking of things that drive me crazy (but are still super cool and awesome), Polly had a birthday last month.  She is officially a year old.  (Look at that face! No, wait, don't.  It will make you want to do things like give it Snausages and Beggin' Strips.)

Don't let the grey beard and old man looks fool you, she's still a crazy youngster.  She will often try to persuade me to do what she wants, such as give her my yogurt.  Usually it involves this face (and that hair!):

which, I'm only slightly ashamed to admit, I find irresistible. 

Don't be silly, Polly doesn't want a cracker (at least, not without cheese),