Monday, March 5, 2012

The old becomes new again

I've recently been introduced to the time sink exciting possibilities of Pinterest.  If you're not on Pinterest, I'm sorry I did that to you.  If you are, how did you manage to pull yourself away long enough to come here? 

I've found a lot of recipes for making lotions and lip balms through Pinterest, but my time on the website has had an unexpected side effect.

I've fallen in love with shawls all over again.  Anyone who's met me in a knitting store (on the street, in class, at national entomology meetings) knows that I've had an obsession with shawls for several years now.  However, I realized this past week that while I love wearing them and designing them, I'd kind of stopped looking at them as the objects of beauty that they really are.  Instead, I see them as individual stitches on a large canvas.

But then I saw this picture.

And this one.

And this one.

All I can say is Wow! Oh, and you should totally google 'vintage lace shawls'.  I'll wait.

You probably noticed that they are not knitted shawls, but rather actual lace which is much more time consuming than knitting. (Or so I've heard.  I don't know anyone that makes non-knitted lace.  I consider this to be a serious gap in my crafting social calendar.)  But when I went back to Ravelry, I discovered that I had started seeing the lace again instead of just the stitches.  And fell in love all over again. 

I lost my heart to lace shawls (sorry, Hubbie),

P.S. If you decide to join Pinterest, there's a two to three day waiting period similar to what Ravelry had when they first started.  But don't say I didn't warn you.


Helen Griffin said...

There is a woman who makes Pillow lace (ie, real lace) every week (well most weeks) at the queens botanical gardens. She also shows up at special occations, at the queens farm museum.

about 1 square inch of lace takes 1 hour, 8 square inches, 8 hours. those lace shawls are the labor of several years.

(i love pillow lace, and have thought about taking it up.. and then i go back to knitting. I just know enough to know its addictive, and needs a whole bunch of supplies that i don't have. starting with a hundred lace bobbins.)

Anonymous said...

Sigh, just gorgeous.
Thanks for the romance....
and Thank you for the Jenolan
My Liana is coming along nicely,
along with a shawl designed by
Kay Meadors!
Lace on!
Grannie Linda

WSWM said...

you have a lovely blog... glad I found it