Saturday, November 3, 2007

Where did October go?

Wow, I completely missed October. I guess I was just having too much fun knitting and not taking the time to write about it.
Let's start with mystery knit alongs. I decided to wait on the Halloween Mystery Shawl (Dracula's Bride) because after making the swatch, I realized that the yarn I had chosen was too thin for the size needles I was using. I couldn't go down a size because those needles already had a shawl on them. So the shawl (and GiGi) has to wait until I finish the Shaped Triangle Shawl (from A Gathering of Lace) I'm making for my mom for Christmas. (Hopefully she doesn't read my blog before I give it to her. On the off chance she does, I can't include a picture of it until after I give it to her. Bummer.)
So instead of the Halloween Shawl, I am participating in "The Secret of the Stole." I really like the pattern. The chart is very easy to follow. The pattern comes as a series of hints with one hint posted on the yahoo group page each week. To give you an idea of what it looks like:
Hint 1
Hint 2

Hints 3 and 4

Hint 5 is still in progress. I am having a great time knitting this stole.
I've also been knitting a lot of hats (does four count as a lot?). Because they are all also Christmas presents, I can't share them with you until after the holidays.
See you soon.
Happy knitting!


Nautical Knitter said...

Your stole is looking great!! Can't wait to see all this other Christmas knitting you are doing as well. Fair Winds

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite blog. But of course, I'm biased. Love and Hugs. GiGi