Monday, July 11, 2011

Shepard Hall

This is Shepard Hall.  It's a building on the campus where I work.  Its ornate gothic style just makes my heart go pitter pat.  I don't go into the building much.  Sadly I work in the hulking monstrosity that is the science building (think 70's steel and concrete), but I walk past Shepard Hall every day. 

Given the exterior of the building, you would think I wouldn't have been surprised to discover that the inside was just as beautiful.  It is, and I was. 

I recently had occasion to go into the 'Great Hall' of the building, and great doesn't do it justice. 

With soaring three story ceilings, stain glass windows, and even pipes for a pipe organ, it could put many of the more touristy buildings in NYC to shame.

Plus it would make a pretty shawl,

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Holly said...

That is an amazingly beautiful building, and you're right, it would make a stunning shawl.