Monday, June 11, 2012

And we have a winner!

As knitters, aren't we all winners?

Congratulations Lindr!  I sent you an email with more details. (Hopefully you got it!) I also love MMario's work.  He designs such amazing shawls!

I think that all knitters (crocheters, crafters, artisans, etc.) are amazing and ingenious.  Being able to turn something as simple as string into something as complex as fabric still amazes me.  I'm surrounded by crafters (in person and online) that have their own unique style and way of producing their craft.  I think each and every one is brilliant for trying (whether or not they succeed (because I know that I have at least three things on my list of crafts that I just can't seem to get my brain, or hands, to do)).

As a thank you to everyone who entered (and those that just stopped by) I'm offering 10% off of your entire purchase of the patterns in my Ravelry store for the next week. Just use the coupon code:  contest110 

Eligible patterns include my latest release: the Quetzal Shawl.

If it wasn't for EZ, I may never have figured out how to purl continental style,
ETA: EEK! I made a mistake when making the coupon, so it may not of worked for some of you.  It should be working now.  I've pushed back the expiration date to June 25th.  Sorry for the confusion.

P.S. Coupon can only be used once.  Expires June 18, 2012 at 11:59 Eastern US time zone.


Lindr said...

I'm stunned! And really excited! Thank you so much!

I love the Quetzal shawl; your designs are so amazing.

Anonymous said...


I'm in desperate need of assistance with your Omelet Shawl pattern, which is gorgeous, by the way!

I posted a question on this page on Ravelry:

I know you're a busy gal, but I would really appreciate your help. I'm a teacher who doesn't have much time during the school year to knit. I'm also a monogamous knitter, so I'm really stuck!

Thanks a bunch!!