Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Reviews

In an effort to increase my fiber intake (and because they're just plain yummy) I've started eating an apple a day.  As a kid I didn't really like apples because they... ok, so it's really because they aren't oranges.  I know, I was a fruitist.  Because I'm more grown up now (or so I tell people) I eat things that I didn't as a child (many of which I would have found uber gross.  Tofu, anyone?)

What was I talking about?  Oh, apples.  Due to my fruitism, I've really only eaten Red Delicious apples most of my life and I feel it's time to expand my repertoire.  As I try new apple varieties, I'm going to write up a little review.  Mostly, it's to remember which ones to get at the grocery store, but if it help you out a little, yay!

Each review will include a description of sweetness, tartness, graininess (because a grainy apple can be just awful), flesh and skin descriptions, and general notes on color and such.  Plus hopefully I'll remember to take a picture (before I eat it).  Also, I'll probably be including a note on how the flavor combines with lemon because it's a great way to keep your sliced apples from going brown, plus it adds a little vitamin C. 

Munch, munch (it's too late for a picture of this one),

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OfTroy said...

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