Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple review- Golden delicious

The Golden delicious has pale green skin, usually without any red.  It is more tart than sweet with a firm, but not crisp flesh.  It's skin is medium in thickness and well attached to the flesh of the apple.  I would rate the graininess at about 2, some graininess, but not too much. 

I would eat this variety again.  I found that the flavor was overwhelmed by the flavor of the lemon juice, so I would use the ginger ale methods of keeping the apple from turning brown.

Ginger ale method: Soak for 10 minutes in Ginger Ale.  It works great and keeps the apple from turning brown overnight.  This method is good for subtly flavored or tart apples that would be made nearly inedible by the addition of lemon juice.

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