Monday, October 18, 2010

Apple review- Honey Crisp

OMJ!!! You have GOT to try this apple. It is truly delicious.
It's very sweet and crisp (which I'm sure had nothing to do with the name ;-D ).  The flesh is very firm with only a hint of graininess (1.5 out of 5).  The skin is thin and firmly attached to the flesh. 
Like the Red Delicious, the Honey Crisp also tastes like candy, especially when combined with lemon juice.  It may have permanently damaged my love for the Red Delicious because it doesn't have any of the negatives of the Red Delicious (thick skin and unpleasant aftertaste if not quite ripe.)
I would eat lots and lots of these apples, the only problem is that they aren't widely available in my area.  I haven't seen them at any of them in the stores in my neighborhood.  Hubbie got the one I had from the Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center.

I wonder if they're still open,


OfTroy said...

are they a local apple (that is a NYS apple?)
NYS is still second (Washington is #1) largest producers of apples in US.

Down the block from Tuesday LIC knit, is the newtown creek--home to a rare specialty apple, the newtown pippin--a very tart, crisp but juicy apple. an old time favorite for pies and cider (but not the best apple eating out of hand)
when i was a child they were available, but my mother prefered Rhode Island Greenings for pies--
(i am currently eating a New Zealand apple the Jazz--good eating! i also have gala's and fuji's (both NY grown) for tomorrow.

Joyce F. said...

They are indeed grown in NYS. I don't know for sure that the one I had was from there though.

Jennifer said...

Best. Apple. EVER.