Monday, August 8, 2011

I love Tomatoes!

Did I mention how much I adore the MadTosh colorway Tomato?  It's orange with yellow undertones and red overtones.  I adore this colorway so much that even my 16 year old nephew knows about it.

Imagine my surprise and joy when, walking in the park, I came across a plant that had flowers the same color as my obsession... um, I mean... no really, it's an obsession.

I wasn't 100% convinced at first so I pulled out the skein that I had on me. (I know, it's shocking that's I just happened to be carrying a skein on me that day. Ok, so no it's not.)  And Voila!  There it was, solid proof of both the color match and my obsession.

Nothing like Tomatoes to lift the spirits,

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