Monday, August 15, 2011

Idyle thoughts on Wylde tomatoes

When I finished Tempest, I thought I was done with fingering weight sweaters forever.  But within a few days I started to get the sweater jones again.  The fingering weight sweater jones. 

There are several reasons why I'm not sure why I continue to get such sweater cravings.  First, I'm a shawl knitter.  You may have noticed that I like to knit them, and design them, and when weather permits wear them.  Second, the sweaters I make never fit me.  That's my fault really.  I tend to make them a size too small.  (Eventually I will be honest with myself about my bust size... Today may not be the day.)

At first I thought I was going to be thwarted by a lack of yarn.  I know that sounds ridiculous given the amount of yarn in the stash, but, as I may have mentioned, I'm a shawl knitter so while I have plenty of fingering weight yarn, it's all in shawl amounts (600 yds or less).  But then I remembered.  I have nearly 1600 yds of Madeline Tosh fingering weight in, you guessed it, Tomato!  So I immediately cast on another fingering weight sweater.  This time it's Idlyewylde by Melissa Werle.  The pattern is very well written and easy to follow.  Plus, this time I made it in my bust size (or nearly so, I think).

I've finished the body and am nearly done with the sleeves. I decided to change the sleeves up a little.  I'm knitting them flat. Plus, I am making them full length (or not depending on whether I run out of  yarn) and I added a lace motif around the cuff. 

Hopefully I will get this one done faster than Tempest,

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