Monday, September 12, 2011

My knitting history: a story of crochet gone awry and bullet points

1. I started knitting in February of 2007. I was originally a crocheter, but made the mistake of crocheting a king-size afghan in 4-inch granny squares. Crochet and I weren't friends after that. We've only recently started being civil to each other again.

2. I learned how to knit from a tutorial offered by Lion Brand, but probably wouldn't have thought to try it if had it not been for Elle.

3. I knit my first shawl in September of 2007. It was the Easy Triangle Shawl from Lion Brand and was in Lion Brand Homespun. And thus the obsession starts.  I'd knit four variations of that shawl by the time the dust settled.

Easy Triangular Shawl

4. I continue to be encouraged in my knitting by the wonderful women in my knitting group. They are intelligent, strong women and I'm glad that I know them (and not just because we are sharing a house at Rhinebeck this year).

5. I started designing in June 2009 because I lost interest in the shawl I was knitting and decided to put a different edging on it. That was all it took. The bug bit me and things haven't been the same since.

And don't get me started talking about the wonders of yarn,

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GiGi said...

You forgot to mention that knitting is contagious and you are an unashamed carrier.
Thanks for all the yarn,