Monday, September 26, 2011


Stitch N Pitch NYC took place recently and I got to go with the ladies from my knitting group.
We got to watch the Mets play the Nationals and, sadly, lose. 

But the knitting was great.  We geared up before hand by knitting yarn bombing squares. 

The knitters were allowed to yarn bomb our section of the stadium this year. 

Knitty City coordinated the efforts and my knitting group was assigned two garbage cans.  I think we did a great job. (Sadly, mine squares were attached at the back of the can by the wall.)
The people from Warm Up America were there giving out yarn and needles for knitting blanket squares (which are really rectangles, but let’s not get into that again). 

By the end of the night we had enough squares for a small blanket.  (Which then became enough squares for a large blanket because people kept giving us squares.  Did I mention that awesomely weird things happen when I’m with the knitting group?)

But my favorite part of the night by far was the cowbell man.  He rang a cowbell during the game to get the fans to cheering.  I, of course, thought of Christopher Walken the whole time.
More Cowbell!

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