Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Kitty

We actually have two kitties. One, however, is the the joy and bane of my life. Chucky. He is a very sweet kitty.
He and his brother 'Tea' are neutered male Manx mix cats that my sister, GiGi, found abandoned as kittens. Rather than leaving them to the joys of the outside life, Hubbie and I drove them all the way from Oklahoma to New York to give them a home with us and a cushy indoor existence.
There are certain things you expect from a cat. Aloofness for one. Decent (read: small) size for another. But our cats couldn't do that for us could they?
First, they're HUGE! Tea is larger than our miniature Schnauzer. Chucky is only slightly smaller. It's like we have lions prowling the apartment!
Second, what happened to the aloofness? They follow us around more than the dogs do. Chucky is the cat food commercial cat. He climbs in my lap whenever I sit down (whether it's free or not) and likes to sleep on my shoulder. This position is not the most knitter friendly. Luckily he doesn't try to eat my yarn very often.
Lately, he has taken to coming to me and begging, not to be picked up, but begging me to come keep him company when he eats. It took a while to figure out what he wanted but I realized that every time he begged and I followed him to his food dish, it already had food in it. He just wants me to sit there and watch him eat. Which I of course don't do... very often.

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