Friday, August 10, 2007

New York in the Summer

I admit it, I have mixed feelings towards New York City. Living here can be both wonderful and unpleasant on any given day. Hubbie and I moved here from Louisiana five years ago to pursue graduate degrees. We're still here because... well... we haven't finished them yet.
By far, my favorite place in the city is the Met. It's got a little something for everyone: paintings, architecture, fashion, sculpture, arms and armory, and, did I forget to mention, a whole section on fiber and weaving. The Museum of Natural History is also pretty good, especially the areas that highlight ancient textiles (and the Hall of Gems).
But my favorite part of living in New York doesn't take place in a building. It's the street fairs. Vendors set up booths and sell just about everything imaginable: food, clothing, housewares and decorations, etc. The street fair is a feast for all of the senses. However, once there you must also deal with one of the more um... interesting... aspects of life here. The shear mass of people.

This particular street fair was held in Times Square, so it was packed. But so much fun. Sampling food from multiple cultures, seeing clothing from all over the world, and the best part, looking at the fantastic knitted sweaters, stoles, and skirts being sold at various stalls (and in some cases thinking, "hey, I could do that.")

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Kelly M said...

It really does sound great! But you can't stay there, haha