Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Socks

I finished my first pair of socks this week.

A little bit about my knitting history. I grew up watching the women in my family knit and crochet, but I could never figure out knitting. A couple of years ago I finally figured out garter stitch. I was so proud of my garter stitch scarves, but couldn't seem to figure out that whole purl business. Then a year ago I met Elle. She became my knitting mentor and friend, despite the fact that she's nearly eight years younger than I am. Now I love knitting. I knit, I purl, I yarn over (sometimes when I'm not supposed to), I cable, I lace. I love it!
Back to my point. Despite having completed several sweaters, I was reluctant to try socks. I thought, "Socks? Who would knit socks? And why?" Unlike many people, my objection wasn't that they were so easy to buy from the store, it was simply, "why would someone knit socks when there are so many sweaters to knit?" (Did I mention I love sweaters?) But then it happened. Hubbie requested socks.
Now I've known and loved this man for quite some time. During that time I've crocheted and knitted sweaters, afghans, lap afghans, innumerable scarves, hats, purses, you name it, for lots of people, but he, poor sweetie, has received only one (yes, that is indeed the number one) homemade scarf from me. And nothing more. Now don't get me wrong, I would have made him a sweater in an instant (sweater curse be darned). But... Hubbie is a big guy. We're talking 6'5 type big. Making a sweater for him would be akin to making an afghan. I'm eventually going to do it, but I simply don't think that the making of Hubbie size sweaters and grad school would mix.
Then he requested socks. How he came up with the idea I don't know... OK, so I was telling him about the whole sock debate and it apparently gave him ideas. He said, "Why don't you make me some socks?" And I said, "Sure, Pookums sweetie, I'll start immediately." Only when it came out of my mouth it sounded more like, "What?!? Why? Are you crazy? Ok, fine, I will, but I'm going to complain the whole time!"
Now, sock knitters, please don't be offended by this response. Elle has shown me several pairs of socks she's knitted and I was considering trying to knit a pair, but you have to remember, Hubbie is a big guy. With size 15 feet. And this was my first pair of socks. It's like using a semi-truck to take your driver's license test.
But I did it. I used the Universal Sock Pattern from (thanks Elle for the recommendation)
It took me nearly a month, but I finished those bad boys. Here's a picture of Hubbie modeling his new socks.
Did I mention he has HUGE feet?
If you're still with me after all of that, I have a confession to make. I now understand what all the fuss is about. I love knitting socks! I can't wait until I can make another pair! Yay Socks!

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Kelly M said...

They are huge! You did a great job!So where's mine? haha