Monday, January 16, 2012

Gifts and Relaxation

This past week, the knitting group had it's biannual white elephant gift exchange.  The gifts are knitting based (what else would you expect from a knitting group).  It can be yarn, notions, project bags, books, you name it. Stitch markers and pretty project bags are particularly coveted and fought over in the fray.  During the gift exchange, stealing gifts from others is not only condoned, it's encouraged.  But everyone goes home with a gift and usually everyone goes home happy.

I managed to get (I stole it from Lana after the gift I opened was stolen from me) a great gift of beautiful blue Mad Tosh sport weight in Lapis. (which is the reason I stole it because GiGi loves that color), a project bag with sheep on it (so cute! It's from Blue Tulips' Etsy Shop), and some adorable Lantern Moon crocheted sheep stitch markers.

On top of a great gift exchange, Hubbie and I got to spend the weekend at his sister Kerri's house in Pennsylvania.  "The Hotel" (Did I mention that her place is huge?) is a great place to relax and knit (and read papers and write dissertation chapters).  We spent a lot of time in front of the fire reading and knitting. (Well, I knit, Hubbie's not so fond of it.  I've decided to let this one slide.)

I've been working on Stephen West's Pogona for the past few days.  I wanted to knit with some lovely Tosh Merino Light (Rhubarb colorway) I got in November.  Pogona is a simple design that works well with highly variagated yarn.

When I get tired the stockinette shawlette, I switch to the monster lace project that I've been alternately knitting on and avoiding for the past few months (in Jaggerspun Zephyr in Garnet).  This relationship is likely to continue for quite some time because this is just the test knit.  The full size shawl will be circular.  I'll keep you posted.

Winnie got to spend some time with his Weimaraner cousin Bella. They played, ate, went on lots of walks, and then finally crashed.  They sure do love the fireplace!

Such a tough life they lead,

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