Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Christmas has come and gone and a new year is upon us.  The only new year's resolution I made is to graduate.  Let's hope I stick to this one. 

Christmas was a quiet affair in my house.  It was celebrated a few days early because Hubbie was going to Louisiana to spend Christmas with his dad and siblings.  I had to stay in NYC to write (that whole graduating thing), but KT and I celebrated the day with a movie and dinner (and knitting, of course).

Hubbie, the pets, and I all got great gifts this year. 

Winnie got a tub of Jerky Treats.  He loves those things.  And then he got to ride in the car (he loves that too) all the way to Louisiana to visit the family.

The Kitties got a tall tower to play on.  And by tall, I mean taller than me.  Some would say that's not such a big feat, but you know what I have to say to those people.

Tea was not happy about being woken from his nap.  I apologized profusely and gave him kitty treats.  I'll let you know if he's forgiven me.

Hubbie got a super awesome (if I do say so myself, which I should because I made them) pair of flip-top mittens.  These are the "Soldier's Glomitt" by Beverly Quivey.  The pattern is free, well written, and easy to follow.  I measured Hubbie's (quite large, considering he is 6'5) hands, but was pleased that I only had to increase the length a little bit.  Otherwise the large size fits perfectly.

I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Merlot Heather.  They took about 2 1/2 balls.

And I got Tomatoes!!! Lace weight Tomatoes to be exact.  Yummy!!!

I also got an exercise bike, but it's not nearly as photogenic.  I love it. I can exercise and I don't have to go out into the unseasonably warm, but still pretty darned cold, weather.  (I don't love it nearly as much as the tomatoes, of course. I'm not that crazy!)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and have a rip-roaringly spectacular new year.

Me? Obsessed? I have no idea what you're talking about! (Deny, deny, deny),

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