Monday, January 23, 2012

To all the ships at sea... Look for the fog

I recently went through a spurt of simple knitting. Nearly everything I knit was entirely garter stitch or stockinette. One of the projects I made during the spurt was a sweater to wear when I'm at work in the lab. It gets really cold in the office, particularly during the transitional months when the air conditioner is still on despite the weather being cold outside. (April and October, I'm talking about you.)

The sweater is the Lighthouse Keeper's Wife. Worked almost entirely in stockinette, it's knit in worsted weight using size 13 needles.

(Note to self: no more upward angled photos because they are seriously not flattering)

I made it in Lion Brand Wool Ease in Pines. The variegation of the yarn is causing a nice striped effect on the sleeves.

It should have been a very fast knit, but... as with Tempest, I stalled on the sleeves.  Happily the stall didn't last long and now I have a toasty sweater to keep me warm (if only I could remember to bring it to the office).   

These pictures were taken outside in 29 degree (F, not C) weather.  When the wind wasn't blowing, (and with long sleeved shirts underneath) I was almost not cold.


P.S.  The title is a quote from the movie The Fog.   It was one of my favorite movies in childhood and remains so till this day (just don't ask me about the remake). 

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