Monday, January 9, 2012

Knitty City turned 6 this weekend!

The best yarn store in the world (sorry other yarn stores) turned 6 this weekend.  They had a sale and cake.

Both real cake:

And knit cake:

I've  heard that yarn cake has more fiber, but I think that real cake has more flavor.  (Which is probably why the yarn cake went unsliced.  Poor thing, unable to fulfill its cakely duties.)

Lots of knitters came in to browse and partake the fibery goodness that Knitty City offers.

TK and I went by to join in the fibery fun, have cake, and bond with our fellow Knitty City lovers.  Oh, and I went to pick up my birthday yarn.  I've been saving my pennies for a particular basket of Tomatoes (in Madeline Tosh Merino Light) since September.  And it finally came in last week!!! (Apparently TML is a very popular weight and it takes a while to get special orders made.)

Totally worth the wait.  I plan to make Ann Weaver's The Whiteness of the Whale with it.  But I've been informed (Thanks GiGi and TK, sigh) that it would be best if I don't start a new sweater until I finish the last one.  So back to Idylewylde I go.  On a positive note, all I have left to do on Idylewylde are the button bands. 

That's what? Two, three months tops.


Wishing you all :

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